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The Wizard Class

The wizard class is a spellcasting class in D&D. Wizards rely heavily on their spells, and, in fact, every non-magical element of life is secondary. They learn and grow in their spells by speaking with other wizards or learning their spells from ancient, magical beings.

Wizard Thing

Wizards are always looking to pursue knowledge. They will always be willing to leave whichever place they call home to seek it out, subsequently causing their lives to never be boring. They believe that by unlocking the knowledge of their ancestors, they will be able to tap into great and unprecedented power. The backstories of wizards usually include a huge event that not many others have experienced. They were drawn away from a life of study by this event, and set on the path of pursuing knowledge and magic.

Wizards recieve bonuses based on their level. Here is a table of them.